Bad Apple

Bad apple is a casual mine-clearing game with intelligence. Here, there are dozens of apples in the chessboard interface, including good apples and bad apples, all of which can be found out by your click. Good apples can continue to turn down. If it is a bad apple, it means you have lost.

Bad apple’s game content

In Bad apple, everything is simple. After starting the game, you can see a lot of apples on the screen, both good and bad. Click with the left mouse button, the apple you want to turn over; If it is a good apple, it will sometimes be opened together with several, and eventually, they will all turn into numbers. However, if the opened apple is broken, then it is directly out of the picture, and you can instantly see an arrogant little worm biting the apple open and rotting.

Bad apple’s game features

It can let you have brain training, so Bad apple still pays attention to skills and avoids choosing bad apples among all the apples. Moreover, its sound effect and picture are very delicate; when it is in good condition, there will be the crisp sound of biting apples. Otherwise, worms are tasting apples.